Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rimfire F-Class practice match

Often I am asked what I do to practice for F-Class. Unfortunately, I don’t live near a 600 yard or 1000 yard range. I am limited to a 250 yard range. At 250 yards, a 308 isn’t affected by the wind very much. I can shoot groups to work on my technique, but I usually only shoot groups when I’m working up a load. I am much more interested in learning to read the wind. Shooting a rimfire at 100-200 yards is a good cheap way to keep your wind reading skills sharp. I enjoy friendly competition much more than practicing alone, so that is how our rimfire palma match began.

We have 3 different classes. The F-T/R class is limited to 22LR with a scope, bipod and rear bag. F-Open is open to 22 mag, 17 HMR and 17 HM2 with choice of bipod or front rest and rear support. Palma Class requires the use of 22LR, open sights and sling for support.

F-T/R and F-Open shooters use targets with ½ MOA X-ring (TQ-3/2 @100 & TQ-4 @200). Palma shooters shoot a 1 MOA X-ring (TQ-4 @100 & A-21C @200).

We start the match with unlimited sighters, then shoot 15 shots for score at each target. It is usually possible to shoot a match with less than a box of 50. Since the days have been getting longer, we have plenty of time to get 2 matches in before heading home.

This match has become a fun and cheap way to get some trigger time. I recommend getting together with friends and putting some rounds downrange. This would also be a great way to get new shooters into the shooting sports.

The practice match is enjoyed by High Power, F-Class and Tactical shooters.

High Power shooters kept warm in their shooting jackets.

My Anschutz 64 MP-R works great as a trainer for my F-Class rifle.

 You can see the difference in sizes between the palma and F targets. We shot two matches at 100 yards.

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